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We have received your request! We will be in touch if we have any questions or if we are unable to accommodate the request.

Please review the information regarding caddie payment and service details. Chambers Bay NO LONGER HAS AN ATM AVAILABLE ON-SITE. Please come to the facility prepared to pay for the caddie fees listed below. We cannot provide cash-back on-site.

If you have any questions please contact Bryan Pierce, Director of On-Course Services/Caddie Master at (253)552-4869.


Chambers Bay is a walking-only course. While the use of a caddie is not required, our experienced caddies can help you get the most out of your round with yardage information, club selection and detailed knowledge of each carefully crafted hole. Our mission is to enhance your experience and caddies help improve the flow of the game for you and your playing partners when carrying two bags.

All caddie payments are to be paid directly to the caddie. Our caddies average $100+ per bag, per round. We encourage our guests to base the payment on the service provided and ultimately, the amount of any gratuity is determined at the sole discretion of the guest. The average caddie payment should be for a job well done.

Group caddie services are also available. A group caddie works with all players in your group without carrying a bag. As opposed to a forecaddie, our group caddie stays with your group and does not walk ahead. He or she will describe the best play for each hole, assist with yardages, help around the greens, tend the pin and perform any other duties required. If your group is a foursome or threesome then we recommend a payment of $40+ per player based on the level of service. If your group is a twosome, recommended caddie payment is $50+ per player. The average caddie payment should be for a job well done.

Guests are permitted to make independent arrangements for caddies outside the Chambers Bay caddie program.

We are proud supporters of the Evans Scholars Foundation. We have assisted numerous caddies through the Evans Scholars program. If you are interested in supporting the program or becoming an Evans scholar please click here for more information.



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