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Our friends at Pierce County TV were recently out on the golf course to talk about the turf stand transition on the putting surfaces as well as moving the U.S. Amateur Four Ball to 2021:

Poa 101

We are working on a detailed post about our resodding project on holes 7, 10, and 13; check back soon.


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  • David

    all good news to hear – look forward to getting back out there once all the greens are open and in more playable condition. We had played this summer and #7 was pure sand – it was rough to see. But love the layout and hope it’ll recover!

  • Frank

    Love the challenge of this one-of-a-kind links style course, and the greens are getting better every year! I appreciate the staff’s hard work getting CB to where it belongs amongst the best, and that this course values eco sustainability is uniquely commendable. My curiosity now is, will all the greens eventually be re-sodded with new POA turf, or is the plan just to do the 6 to 9 that need extra help getting there while allowing the rest to transition more naturally with some over seeding–if so, will they all roll similarly in a year, or will it take a bit longer for the naturally transitioning greens to match the re-sodded greens?

  • Bernie

    Sounds like the course will be fully changing over all the greens to northwest POA grass. The first 3 they did putt very well. Has anyone heard about the planned Resort Hotel construction start date? I believe grounds lease negotiations has been pending since last September. Seems like that should have started by now or would be good to get underway at the same time as the greens replacement project this Fall.

    • Chambers Bay

      Bernie, thank you for your comment. We will begin an off-season project that will close the golf course later this fall. We will detail this soon in an upcoming post. In regards to the development at Chambers Bay, Pierce County is still working through the details of the ground lease agreement with the developer. We will make sure to keep everyone up to date on the progress of this as plans develop.

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